Connect the digital
to the physical

Provide your venue's visitors with data and services when and where they need it most. Why? To drive unprecedent engagement.

Experts in
hyper-local digital engagement

We specialize in creating interactions between the digital and physical world to help you to extend your relationship with your customers. Our flexible platform and mobile SDKs will enable you to enhance and maximize your customer engagement strategies.

Indoor Maps

Our powerful tools enable you to create, edit, and style your map data, allowing your customers to easily identify and locate what they need.

  • Edit, update, and store map data

    Create, edit, export, and update all your location data as a flexible GeoJSON file.

  • Map display: web and mobile app

    Using our powerful SDKs, easily display all your map and location data in your web and mobile apps.

  • Manage your location data in one single platform

    Use our CMS to deliver content and hyper-local experiences — or integrate the platform with any third party system.

  • Your Visitors Deserve Privacy

    Your reputation depends on ensuring the privacy and security of your visitors. Your customer data is yours, not ours — so it is always stored securely and is only accessible to you.

  • Deliver different maps to different users

    Show different maps to doctors and patients, to staff and guests, to clerks and customers.

Indoor Positioning

Deliver location data services through our robust, scalable, high-availability content delivery system.

  • Manage indoor positioning

    Show your users their location in your venue and create engagement strategies based on that information. Just like GPS, but indoors!

  • Truly Multiplatform IPS: IOS & Android

    Why settle for a one-platform solution? Enable positioning on iOS and Android. We know you love both equally!

  • Flexible Wayfinding

    Provide turn-by-turn guidance so your customers can always easily find what they're seeking.

  • WiFi, Beacon, Lighting, and more

    IPS is constantly evolving. Today it's Wifi and BLE, tomorrow it´s smart lighting and photocoding. We stay current with all IPS technologies — so that you don't have to.

  • Infrastructure Agnostic

    Nologis works with any infrastructure technology or supplier. Or we can take care of it for you, deploying the best solution to fit your needs.


Build a location strategy with our campaign-driven proximity platform. Reacting to your customer's in-venue behaviour should no longer be on your wish list.

  • Reach the next level in proximity
  • Build segmented campaigns
  • Create powerful audience & user behaviour filters
  • Deploy sensors and beacons

Contextual User
and Venue Analytics

Start learning from the behaviour of your visitor as they interact with your venue. Our location analytics will provide you with profound insight into the needs and behaviour of your customers.

Don't want to use an external platform for your metrics? No problem, our API allows you to integrate Nologis analytics with the system you already use.

Development &
User-Centric Experience

We are experts in designing and developing solutions for complex hyper-local customer engagements. Need help with a project? This is how we can assist you.